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Superior Culinary Center A Shared Kitchen Facility – Cooking up Dreams!

Smart Kitchen – A State certified, commercially equipped kitchen optimized for delivery and for food preparation, cooking demonstrations, or education and training.

The Superior Culinary center is a shared-use commercial kitchen available to residents of Southeast Wisconsin wishing to start or expand a food-related small business. Located in Milwaukee, this fully licensed facility is ideal for use by the following groups or individuals:

Growers and producers




Special-event vendors

Service clubs, community groups, and non-profit organization

 For a small hourly fee, the kitchen provides food entrepreneurs with the resources they need to get their dream off the ground—without having to invest in costly food-processing equipment and maintenance.

In addition to kitchen space, the Culinary Center also provides storage for bulk supplies and packaging, technical support, and business development services.

Better, faster, cheaper with Superior Ghost Kitchens

Lower Operational Cost

Dramatically reduce your real estate and labor costs for higher margins per location. For delivery, all you need is a small kitchen and a handful of staff.

Lower Upfront Costs

Rather than the +$1 million upfront to build out a brick and mortar restaurant, get started in a Ghost Kitchen with a small deposit plus the cost of your specialized equipment.

Faster Expansion

With faster permitting time and kitchens ready to go, launch in just a few weeks.



Who Do We Partner With?

National Chain

Established restaurants & chefs looking to expand their businesses or use commissary kitchen space.

Single Location

Restaurant operators looking to leverage their brand into a delivery-only concept.

Food Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs looking for a fast and inexpensive way to test their concepts and build their brand.

Food Truck Owners

Food Trucks that can utilize our facility as a commissary and expand into delivery.

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Turnkey solution to opening new locations

Kitchen Layout - Our kitchens have been designed to meet the requirements of food and beverage businesses. But not every business is the same, so layouts can be adapted to suit the needs of our clients.

Commercial Kitchen Specifications



Three Compartment Sink


Hand Wash Sink


Shared Dry, Cold & Frozen Storage


Commercial Exhaust Hood


Stainless Steel Work Benches


Commercial Refrigeration



Extraction & Ventilation


Natural Gas & Interlock System


ANSUL Fire Suppression System


Single Phase Electricity


Hygienic Walls & Skirting


24/7 Building Access



Fire Rated Infrastructure


Fire Safety System


Helpful Facility Team


Daily Cleaning Services


Security Services


Wifi & Phone Line


Environments for Culinary Excellence

Back & front of house services

Utilities, trash, & pest control

Cleaning chemicals

Deep cleaning

City permitting support

Onboarding support

Shared labor

Tech & Marketing

Easy tech onboarding

Your customers, your data

Consumer lead generation

Launch marketing support


Infrastructure & Equipment

Secure, private kitchen space

Standard equipment provided e.g. ranges, reach-ins, prep tables

Remote facility & equipment monitoring

Storage (w/ additional storage available)

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