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Chef Apparel & Linens


Chefs have come to rely on the Superior Equipment  to continually deliver products that will help them do their jobs better and make their lives easier.From ultra-durable bib chef aprons to restaurant premium bistro aprons, Superior Equipment has many different styles and colors of restaurant aprons to choose from. You can also select from our selection of print chef aprons including houndstooth, chalk stripe, and much more. Add a more personalized touch to your apron's design with our custom embroidery options! Shop for 100% quality and comfort here at

Mexican Foodservice Supplies


Mexican restaurant supplies- margarita supplies, sizzle platters, festive dinnerware, frozen drink machines, tortilla presses and more. Unarguably one of the most popular cuisines in the country, we can't get enough of the flavorful and marinated meats, fresh citrus and the inevitable spicy kick of Mexican food. Give your Mexican restaurant staff with all of the equipment they need to execute crunchy tacos, rich guacamole, and the fresh margaritas you're known for. Shop commercial bar blenders, citrus juicers, steam cookers, tortilla presses and more.

Asian Cookware


Looking for the best deals on the web for Chinese restaurant supplies? Well, you came to the right place. Superior Equipment caters to Chinese restaurants and other Asian style restaurants and bistros. From well known Asian brands to Asian catered kitchen and cooking tools and equipment, we carry a diversified line of products to ensure our customer's satisfaction and sustain their loyalty. From food pails to Chinese woks, chopsticks and more, Superior Equipment has what you need.

Bar Supplies


From shakers and muddlers to jiggers and juicers, and everything in between, the way you make your drink is as important as the drink itself. Any Bar Owner will agree that when it comes to stocking their bar with supplies, quality and price are the two essential requirements. At Superior Equipment, we have an extensive catalog that meets all bar supply needs. We take pride in offering the highest quality Bar supplies for any type of venue, whether it be basic drinking straws, napkin caddies, beverage napkins or liquor pourers. 


Superior Equipment offers a wide selection of bakeware and molds for the professional as well as for the home baker. From the good ole' sheet pan to the revolutionary flexible silicone mold, bread pans to tart pans, from pyramid and hemisphere molds to cake pans and production molds, Superior Equipment will keep your kitchen stocked with the latest bakeware, baking molds, and other kitchen tools. You can rely on us for all your bakery, restaurant, and kitchen needs


Serving Food & Beverage Bars

Food Bars are an easy way to display a large variety of food choices to your customers. We sell Portable Food Bars, Salad Bars, and the Cambro Versa Food Service System. Shop and Save on your next Food Bar Purchase! If you require efficiency, quality, and durability, a Cambro product will aid you in your foodservice business. 

Ice Caddies


Commercial Restaurant Carts serve many purposes and help to create more efficient daily tasks. Superior Equipment is here to provide you access to Banquet Carts, Ice Carts, Dish Caddies, Serving Carts, Display Carts, Folding Carts, and Utility Carts. Browse our selection of Carts and find the Commercial Restaurant Cart that fits your need.

Beverage Service

On a sweltering day in summer, or even during an over-worked day in winter, nothing quite hits the spot like downing an ice-cold drink. Give your guests a way to easily and quickly quench that thirst, by having a few reliable cold beverage dispensers doing their thing in your establishment. Ideal for buffet lines, catered events, behind-the-counter drink service, or at-home gatherings and get-togethers, cold beverage dispensers are an excellent way to display and serve your cold drink of choice, wherever necessary.

Condiment & Food Dispensing Systems


Condiment & Food Dispensing Systems are a big part of any commercial kitchen. Superior Equipment offers foodservice dining Room supplies such as condiment dispensers & countertop organizers. Shop these items now online and save!



Choose Superior's catering supplies for design-forward tableware, cutlery, napkins, and more. We have all the most modern, eco-friendly, and durable disposables to make your catering not only stylish, but also cost-effective and convenient. Your guests will love the new looks you bring to the table with our EMI Line. From plastic flatware to bamboo plates and beautiful napkins, we have it all to take your catering to the next level.


Every restaurant needs informational and compliance signs, like social distancing  and restroom signs, to maintain a clean and safe environment. Keep Your Establishment Safe and Orderly with Compliance Signs

Keep patrons, visitors, and employees safe with the appropriate signage. Notify guests and workers-alike with social distancing and hand washing signs. Safety floor decals can be handy, as well, for protecting everyone. Shop from a variety of signage options

Reusable Pizza Supplies

​​​​​​​ No matter what tools you need to make the best pizza in town, you will find a huge selection here. From deep dish pizza pans and perforated pizza disks to dough dockers and pizza pan grippers, you can outfit your entire pizza operation. From dough rising to pizza delivery and serving, choose quality pizza bakeware and tools.

Meat Processing Supplies


Superior Equipment has all of the equipment and supplies you need to successfully process your own meat and make homemade sausage and jerky. Whether you want to process your own deer or game, or just make some tasty Italian sausage or bratwurst from meat you buy from the butcher or grocery store, we have all of the meat processing products you need.

Professional Cutlery


 For those who take cooking seriously and believe food preparation should be faster, easier, and more comfortable, the choice is Mercer. Mercer's brands feature exceptional quality in design, materials, and craftsmanship honed to the exacting performance needs of the discriminating chef—the professional and the enthusiast.

The hallmark of Mercer's cutlery: exceptional quality in materials, unique design, and dedicated craftsmanship, honed to the exacting performance needs of the discriminating chef makes our products the undeniable choice for the professional and the enthusiast. Mercer is committed to delivering products and services that you can build on and grow with.



Kitchen Essentials


Professional kitchen utensils and tools for professional chefs. The best prices and selection for quality food service utensils. Stock your restaurant, bar, catering service or foodservice establishment by purchasing professional kitchen supplies and utensils.

Reliability starts with the basics. You don’t want your operation to be slowed down on a busy night because of something simple like broken utensils. It also eats into your bottom line to be continually replacing cheap utensils that are not up to the job.

Kitchen Tools


Professional kitchen utensils and tools for professional chefs. The best prices and selection for quality food service utensils. Stock your restaurant, bar, catering service or foodservice establishment by purchasing professional kitchen supplies and utensils

Commercial Cookware


 Superior Equipment is the number one provider of cookware & bakeware for the professional foodservice industry. We offer the best quality, breadth, and depth of cookware options available. Whether you like aluminum, stainless steel, tri-ply, clad, or carbon steel, or want better handle and coating options, you are in the right place to find what you need. Because of the level of quality and choices we provide, our cookware is found in the back and front-of-house in five-star restaurants, schools, and everywhere in between. And yet with so many options, our online selection tools make it easy to narrow down to your perfect match.


​​​​​​​ Having the right service cart can help your establishment run more smoothly. We realize places like restaurants, schools, and hospitals need carts for different reasons, and that’s why our vast selection has something for everyone.

Food Prep


 Professional kitchen utensils and tools for professional chefs. The best prices and selection for quality food service utensils. Stock your restaurant, bar, catering service or foodservice establishment by purchasing professional kitchen supplies and utensils

Food Storage


 Food Storage products are a must for every commercial kitchen for  safely storing and transporting food. Distinct color-coding, superior sealing and easy to clean surfaces are just some of the ways Superior's Food Storage containers simplifies maintaining your food safety program. All of our food storage containers are BPA-free.

Cleaning Tools

 Superior has the right professional grade cleaning tools to make cleaning easier. Our outstanding product selection offers innovative, hard-working products that help you run a smarter, safer and more profitable operation.

Food Safety

Whether you operate a bakery or a full-service dining hall, it’s crucial to maintain temperature control, rotate your food and keep an eye out for cross-contamination. All of these factors are critical to ensuring that you’re providing the best possible food and service to your customers.


​​​​​​​ Superior is happy to partner with you in order to create the perfect foodservice program for your unique needs. Over 45% of US hospitals offer hotel-style room service to their patients. One of the benefits of room service is the flexibility of ordering meals beyond the typical dining hours which in turn can help with higher patient satisfaction scores. Our Foodservice experts can simplify your project process with design support, organizing all the details and answering your questions every step of the way. 

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