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 As a Superior Preferred member you get these great benefits:

• SAVE money on EVERY order with your Superior Preferred Discount!

• No annual fees – Free lifetime membership

• Superior Rewards


Superior Preferred Customer Frequently Asked Questions

 • Is my Superior Preferred membership transferrable?

Superior Preferred membership is designed for the restaurant industry. However, we welcome all commercial foodservice customers. The members are automatically enrolled in Superior Rewards Program where they earn $10.00 for every $500.00 Because of this, memberships are non-transferrable.

 • Who is eligible to be a Superior Preferred Customer?

Each membership is associated with the company or entity on the actual billing account and not the individual person. All for profit and non-profit organizations are eligible to be a Superior Preferred Customer.

 • How do I become a member?

From the website, simply add the new membership to your cart; provide a user name and login ID. Once you return to the site you'll be asked for your user name and Login ID in order to take advantage of the Superior Preferred pricing.

 • What type of pricing will I receive as a member?

All of our products excluding special order items and Superior Plus items are discounted. Most discounts range between 6% - 25%.

 • What are Terms and Conditions of my Superior Preferred membership?

Once you become a member, you are a member

  1. As a Superior Preferred member, you are entitled to for a lifetime discount off of any item on the Superior Preferred website.
  2. You can use certain other discounts such as quantity discounts in conjunction with your Superior Preferred Pricing unless specifically stated
  3. Discounts will not be given on purchases placed prior to becoming a Superior Preferred Member
  4. Standard Superior Credit Policy and processes will be utilized with Superior Preferred Membership
  5. Superior reserves the right to cancel the program at any time.


• Do I have to renew annually and pay an annual fee?

No. Once you become a member, your membership is automatically renewed every year with no fees required.


• Is the entire Superior product assortment offered?

As a Superior Preferred member you will have access to over 5,000 products. There are several product categories that are not included in the membership including special order products and Superior Plus products. Superior Plus products are offered as a larger assortment directly from the manufactures

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