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Superior is an experience-focused General Construction, Construction Management and Design-Build contractor that delivers beyond the build. We specialize in delivering exceptional projects and fostering long-term client relationships.

Since we first opened our doors in 1984 Superior has become a leader in cutting edge DesignBuild services. We have continually evolved, broadening the scope of services we provide to better meet the needs of our customers.

DesignBuild is an increasingly popular method of construction that offers owners a single source of responsibility in the construction process, in addition to several other advantages (reduced project cost, reduced delivery time, quality control, early identification of total project cost, etc.).

In our DesignBuild model, the owner contracts with only our company  to provide both construction and design services. As a DesignBuild  company, Superior  will provide the owner with architectural design services, and will monitor the cost of such services throughout the process. We then develop a cost based on the design, and if the owner accepts the price, construction begins.


Often the DesignBuild company will guarantee the cost of the project at this early stage, meaning the owner will know the complete cost of the project up-front. Under this fixed price agreement, Superior has incentive to save costs and savings accrue to the owner. In comparison to the traditional bid method of construction, in which an owner must first hire and pay a designer, then bid out the project to a contractor, the DesignBuild method eliminates the typical hassles that arise between architects and contractors.

Superior has an intimate understanding of the intricacies associated with servicing the needs of federal, state and local governments.  From new builds and renovation to equipment replacement, Superior can meet your goals, and ensure every detail is in order. We hold GSA contracts with the highest quality manufacturers in the industry.

The Design Build Institute of America estimates that almost 50% of all construction projects performed in the United States are DesignBuild, and that percentage will rapidly increase in the next decade. While the recent resurgence of DesignBuild in the construction industry makes it appear as if DesignBuild is a new idea, it is in fact the resurrection of an old tradition. In ancient Greece, buildings were constructed by “master builders,” men who performed both the designing and constructing tasks. The tradition of the master builder lasted for more than 2,000 years and is now mirrored in the DesignBuild of modern day

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