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How can your business benefit from using deli spear tags to promote a variety of food items, cheaply? These delicatessen badges are made of write-on plastic for advertising prices and types of fresh fish, meats, cheeses, and pre-made salads in a glass showcase. These deli spear tags for a grocery store are available in an assortment of designs to suit all types of edible merchandise.

 These deli spear tags, also known as plastic price signs, are a no-hassle way to present a variety of baked goods from muffins to chocolate chip cookies. Each of these quality sign holders for advertising the price of meat can be purchased in sets of 24 or 50 at bulk rates to save money! These deli spear tags, display picks, have a white shiny surface that can be written on with dry-erase markers and reused. These food signs for a delicatessen provide information about items in a grocery store cabinet, saving staff from having to answer questions, so they can focus on serving.

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