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Refrigeration Equipment

Outfit Your Kitchen with High Quality Refrigeration. We offer a wide variety of reliable refrigeration equipment to help keep food at the proper temperatures. Choose from a variety of blast chillers, undercounter refrigerators, refrigerated prep tables and more to suit your foodservice unique need! Commercial refrigeration is designed and built to meet health code requirements and is more powerful.

Bar Equipment

 Our selection of quality beer dispensers and beverage coolers is sure to meet your bar's keg dispensing needs and drink service.Bar Equipment including blenders, wine coolers and refrigerators are essential to a restaurant’s beverage business.

The needs of the drink service vary from those of the kitchen. Bar equipment can be a short or long term investment. Beverage coolers are designed to keep drinks at the proper temperature. These beverage centers will work with any type of product that needs to be maintained in a cool environment. Beverage coolers designed for buffet and serving use are also available.

Commercial Freezers

Superior Equipment stocks a wide selection of Commercial Freezers for your Food Service, Supermarket, Restaurant, or Hotel business. The hardest working kitchens need a freezer that can withstand the most demanding of jobs.  Commercial refrigeration is designed to take the wear and tear of the foodservice industry and is essential to Restaurant and food service operations. Lower your utility costs and preserve your products at the coldest of temperatures for the highest standard in food safety.

Commercial Refrigerators

Reach-In Refrigerators Keep foods easily accessible For foodservice applications in Restaurants, Cafeterias, Industrial Kitchens, Health Care Facilities and more. Reach-In Refrigerators are made of solid stainless steel for long lasting durability and dependability. Appliances are designed to maintain appropriate temperature to keep foods fresh. Refrigerators are frost-free and include wire shelves for easy tray storage. They feature an exterior digital thermometer for easy temperature monitoring.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

Here you can find different Sandwich & Pizza Prep Tables From their respective Food Service manufacturers.

Walk Ins

Designed to fit your exact needs with unbeaten quality, consultative support and customer service, our walk-in coolers and freezers will stand the test of time, helping you maximize your profits for years to come. Count on us to provide you high-quality, affordable, and customizable refrigerated solutions. 

Superior is proud to offer complete install services - every step of the way. Count on us to provide you high-quality, affordable, and customizable refrigerated solutions. 

Superior walk-in cooler and freezers enable both commercial and non-commercial foodservice operations to create the cold kitchen storage that best suits that environment. Depending on kitchen size, exact foodservice application, storage needs, or servers' ease of access, our walk-in cooler and freezers can be customized to fit. Our walk-in units feature high-density foam rail construction, offering solid, high-quality construction and durability due to the rigidity of our panels.

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