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Charger Plates & Placemats

Elegance in Simplicity

A table setting isn’t complete without accessories! We have a large selection of decorative items to help you create the perfect look for your dinner, banquet, wedding, or other event. Add a charger plate or placemat to your table setting to stun and wow your guests with a beautiful setup, with almost no effort involved. Transform your event with style when you order charger plates in bulk and placemats at a wholesale price. And if you are going for a beautifully decorated table, why not explore our selection of Napkin Rings and our selection of best-selling, SimplyPoly Cloth Napkins to create the perfect look for any occasion.

You feel that your tabletop may tend to be a little bland and boring, and you are considering ways and means to add some unique touches. These great products will really help dress it up, both for everyday use and for special occasions and formal dinners.

Placemats are an excellent addition to your tabletop to add color, interest, and efficiency. They keep the table surface clean and free of debris and provide a distinct eating area for each diner. They are very inexpensive and can be purchased in many colors and unique designs. You can even select placemats with different holiday colors, especially for the red-white-and-blue holidays, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Children's color varieties can also be easily found. Placemats can be formal or informal and cleaned very quickly and easily.

Chargers are for your more formal sit-down meals. They are an elegant base, usually in a metallic tone, on which to place each plate as the different courses are served. They are usually removed before dessert is served but can stay in place for the entire meal if so desired. They are a wonderful touch to make your guests' first impressions of your unique settings one of admiration and appreciation. Charger plates can also be utilized as bases for serving dishes and even as small trays to pass wines and cordials.

Adding these very different and distinct elements to dressing up a tabletop will give it the impact desired. Order several of these items so you will be well prepared for many upcoming events and impromptu gatherings of both family and friends.

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