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TAKE ON THE WORKDAY. Find the basics and beyond in one place. Sometimes you just need to write things down, reorganize your filing cabinet, or pick up a hole punch for your kids' craft project. Whatever the task, office essentials are always in demand. And you'll find them all here.

A notepad is so simple, it's easy to overlook, yet where would we be without it. The quickest way to capture your ideas is to write it down. Some employees prefer spiral–bound project planner style note pads, while others are partial to the standard note pad. You'll want to keep a good amount of each on hand. Whether you're jotting down the office supply list, or taking notes during a meeting, a good legal pad or note pad is all you need to capture fleeting thoughts. For on-the-go note taking in the field or at the warehouse, consider preferred clipboards for a sturdy writing surface anywhere work takes you.

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