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Breakroom Supplies


Superior Equipment carries a wide variety of breakroom supplies that are meant to keep your office running smoothly and your co-workers ready for any task. Whether you are looking for snacks, paper goods or electronics, Superior Equipment is sure to have the breakroom supplies you want for your office.

To select the correct breakroom supplies for you and your office, keep the following tips in mind.

You could consider using vending machines. They are a popular choice for offices since they employees can instantly get tasty snacks and refreshing beverages, keeping hunger at bay and productivity high. Waste collection and recycling tools, including trash receptacles and bags, help to keep the break room tidy and environmentally friendly. Recyclable cups are a great option, for example, if your employees drink lots of coffee or tea because they will create less trash.

Compare prices, product features and consider any special needs your office may have, and you should be able to find the right breakroom supplies at Superior Equipment.

Coffee Service Packaging


Superior equipment  carries a complete line of paper hot cups. These sustainable cups are made with 90% plant-based renewable resources.CSP says patrons have developed a taste for espresso-based beverages, boosting popularity 25% at c-stores over the past year. Turn to Superior Packaging Consultants  for the perfect hot-cup and lid combo for your business on #CappuccinoDay!

These cups are great for serving hot beverages like coffee, tea or cocoa. The cups are lined with polyethylene which acts as a moisture barrier to keep liquid inside the cup and prevent leaking. Solo paper hot cups feature a smooth rolled rim that gives rigidity to the cup and ensures a leak-resistant lid fit and are available in a variety of stock or custom prints to complement any operation.

Office Kitchen Equipment


Every office needs a break room where employees can congregate to enjoy some time away from their work. This ensures that food and socializing stay far from where they could be distractions or where the former could cause a mess. However, if you don’t have a particularly inviting break room, you really can’t expect your employees to look forward to spending a lot of time there. So consider how these 11 appliances could help improve this essential room and how much your employees enjoy it.

Office Furniture


If you need office furniture that works just as hard as you do, then you have found the right supplier with Superior Equipment. Whether you need office furniture for a school, church or business setting, we have everything you need to outfit your workspace. Budget doesn't have to be an issue as we carry many economical office furniture options, as well as higher-end pieces found in executive suites. Furnish your entire office building with everything from the reception room, secretarial desk, conference room, all the way back to the storage room.

Office Equipment & Supplies

Provide your company with the essential office machines and equipment they need to help ensure the business runs smoothly. On you'll find paper shredders to help destroy confidential documents, card scanners that transfer information from hard copy to electronic formats, and dependable calculators for quick mathematical operations. Superior also carries a variety of laser and inkjet printers and printer accessories and supplies. Shop Superior to get the office machines employees need to work efficiently.

Office Technology


Technology that works as hard as you! When it comes to tech, you can’t spare a second of downtime. Shop our enormous inventory of appliances and electronics for your office or facility. Find reliable, brand-name electronics like PA and intercom systems, high-definition televisions and megaphones. Stock up on standard batteries for general use or high-performance lithium batteries depending on your needs. Furnish your workplace's kitchen and breakroom with dependable, commercial-grade appliances like coffee makers, range tops, microwave ovens and more. Find the commercial and industrial electronic equipment your place of business needs today!

Upgrade your entire workplace with our wide assortment of products. Make the most of your budget. as a Superior customer, you’re guaranteed to step up your savings on products, services, and much more.

Office Cleaning & Recycling


Cleaning is an important part of every business, and with cleaning supplies from Superior Equipment your facility can look its best at all times. From the latest cleaning solutions and janitorial equipment to floor and furniture care products, Superior Equipment can offer you commercial janitorial supplies and cleaning products to help keep your workplace clean, polished, and germ-free. There's more to cleaning and care than equipment, cleaning chemicals and paper products. Shop Superior Equipment now to find the cleaning supplies and other janitorial products you need to help keep your workplace clean.

A/V & Presentation Supplies

See how the A/V & presentation supplies you need can help you give a great presentation every time. Get your projectors, transparencies and more from Superior Equipment. Whether you are simply putting together an internal presentation, organizing or attending an exhibition or hosting a conference, it's important to make the right impression. We can supply all the products and furniture you need to do just this. Screens AV equipment; Multimedia Furniture……..

Advertising & Marketing Materials

Outdoor signs and banners allow potential guests to see your business and specials when passing by your location. Lighted business signs with removable letters let you personalize your messages for daily and weekly specials, or when you want to provide interesting messages about upcoming events. Look for stand-alone models that you can place anywhere, or choose wall-mounted designs that make it clear where your business is located.

Small picket signs are an affordable option for letting others know about grand openings, or to point them in the right direction for new businesses. Custom banners create vivid, eye-catching displays that others are sure to notice.


Office Safety & Security


The safety of your employees' information along with company profits rely on having the proper procedures in place. Superior Equipment carries the office safety and security items that you need for optimizing business processes and maintaining a safe environment for everyone who enters your location.

First Aid & Health Supplies

Superior Equipment stocks different styles of High-Quality First Aid Kits that meet the needs of any situation and price range.  First Aid Kits are made of metal and steel to provide long lasting durability. First Aid Kits can be used for travel, industrial/commercial settings and residential spaces. Kits are encased in cabinet housing to keep contents secure and in place. We also offer an array of first aid products. Our products service many industries in the United States, as well as outside of the US. Our first aid kits are available in metal, plastic, and soft-sided cases.

Paper & Envelopes


TAKE ON THE WORKDAY. Find the basics and beyond in one place. Sometimes you just need to write things down, reorganize your filing cabinet, or pick up a hole punch for your kids' craft project. Whatever the task, office essentials are always in demand. And you'll find them all here.

A notepad is so simple, it's easy to overlook, yet where would we be without it. The quickest way to capture your ideas is to write it down. Some employees prefer spiral–bound project planner style note pads, while others are partial to the standard note pad. You'll want to keep a good amount of each on hand. Whether you're jotting down the office supply list, or taking notes during a meeting, a good legal pad or note pad is all you need to capture fleeting thoughts. For on-the-go note taking in the field or at the warehouse, consider preferred clipboards for a sturdy writing surface anywhere work takes you.

Office Supplies



Corporate Gift Basket

Our corporate gift baskets make the perfect business gifts! From gourmet snacks to tea and coffee’s, we have the best corporate gifts that are designed to impress. Contact a Business Consultant for personalized service selecting the ideal gift for business clients, employees and associates. Our selection of gourmet corporate gifts is designed to fit any budget. From traditional holiday gifts to high-end thank you business gifts, our gourmet treats consistently get rave reviews. Guaranteed to impress, our business to business gifts are a proven favorite.

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