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Your restaurant booths are a key element in the overall design of your dining space. More than mere seats, booths add to the overall feel of your restaurant, adding comfort and a distinctive style that many patrons enjoy. It is also vital to consider the durability and serviceability of your commercial booths, as they will undoubtedly see a lot of daily use.

Whether you are opening a new restaurant, or simply want to upgrade an existing one, booths are a necessary investment that should last you many, worry-free years. Our booths are built and upholstered by our own dedicated craftsmen here in the USA. 

Just some of the booths we offer include:

  • Wooden Restaurant Booths - Fine craftsmanship combined with durable hardwoods equates to long-lasting booths that can ignite any dining room.
  • Upholstered Restaurant Booths - An incredible selection of colors, designs, styles, and upholstery makes these some of our more popular booths for restaurants.
  • Waiting Benches - There are a variety of uses for these commercial booths, including restaurant waiting rooms.
  • Contour Booths - This unique style of booth adds elegance to your dining area.
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