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SES is one of the premier food service equipment contractors in the United States. Since its 1984 launch, Superior has grown to become one of the nation’s leading food service equipment specialists. Today our projects include dining halls at major universities, hospitals with complex specifications, schools, luxury resorts, stadiums, small facilities, public safety facilities, and other major facilities with commercial kitchen equipment needs.


Superior Makes It All Easier

We thrive on giving our customers peace of mind and we are continuously looking for ways to accelerate our customer experience by adding features to make it even easier for customers to reorder, return, track, and process their orders. Our website provides in-depth product descriptions, details, specifications, videos on installation or use, and photo galleries to give customers the most complete picture of the product prior to purchase

    Customer Excellence

    We pride ourselves on high levels of customer service. Our focus on the customer has led us to develop the voice of the customer through every contact they make with us. We are dedicated to one-call resolution for any question our customer has, because we truly want our customers to be delighted with us.




    Differentiated Customer Experience

    Our highly personalized digital and high touch customer interaction has given us a strong and loyal customer base for a truly differentiated customer experience. By employing continuous efficiency and productivity best practices, we have effectively driven long term cost efficiencies in our operations.



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    Competitive Advantage

    Low Prices - Superior Equipment is able to purchase the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible price.

    High Quality, Premier Grade Products Customer Satisfaction & Support

    Same Day Shipments on Most Orders

    In Depth Product Information with Photo Galleries, Callouts & Videos




      Equipment Procurement

      Outfit every establishment with power and product-driven appliances

      Manage timely delivery and proper installation of all equipment

      Maximize productivity, efficiency and profits with cost-saving solutions

      In addition to the timely purchasing of equipment, our purchasing department also participates in the coordination process. This ensures a smooth transition from the design phase to the installation process.




      Design Services

      Conceptualize innovative designs for foodservice spaces

      Atop of industry trends to accommodate every unique establishment

      Design to heighten efficiency, enhance productivity, and optimize performance








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      Commercial Kitchen Remodeling / Renovations

      Deliver cost-effective, highly functional, and successful foodservice kitchens

      Maximize performance and minimize costs

      Space planning, energy conservation, and ecological protection

      Optimal commercial kitchen machinery and appliances

        Special Projects

        Deliver custom-designed commercial kitchens

        Timely execution to achieve expeditious completion

        Optimize small-scale and complex work spaces

        Implementation of standards and regulatory requirements



        Project Management

        Each project has a specific project management team that takes pride in working with the design and engineering team, the general contractor, sub-contractors and the owner on each and every project to ensure that the project is a success.




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        Our engineering department reviews all elements of a project while working closely with the architect and engineers. Our drawings are produced in-house on AutoCAD by our team of CAD operators. We strive for accuracy and excellence in this important planning stage


          The installation phase is handled by the project management team. They coordinate equipment delivery and installation. We use our own installation crews, as well as reputable local and national sub-contractors



          Warranty Services

          Perform testing to ensure proper operability with on-site assistance during first week of operation, coordination of equipment demonstrations, training, and maintenance instructions and management of corrective actions should any issues arise from newly installed equipment

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          Image result for northwood casual dining
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          With leading products and solutions, we deliver innovative branded and private label products and an expanded services portfolio to give each customer a tailored and responsive experience.

          Our foodservice and commercial kitchen products are sold through our website, corporate sales people, and full color catalogs. We are constantly increasing our product offerings to meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers, as well as ways we can cater to small to large corporations, institutions, government agencies and consumers.

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