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Culinary Center


Superior Culinary Center:  A Shared Kitchen Facility – Cooking up Dreams!

The Superior Culinary Center is a regional shared-use food processing center for food service entrepreneur. Anyone wishing to produce and market a food product can find everything they need to get started —  from culinary supplies and equipment to food to  marketing and business planning assistance:

  • A state certified, commercially equipped kitchen for food preparation, cooking demonstrations, or education and training.
  • An on-site gourmet chefs marketplace  providing an immediate sales opportunity for food products produced within the Superior Culinary Center
  • Business opportunities enabling users to access additional marketing and networking assistance.

 Shared Kitchen:

 The Superior Culinary center is a shared-use commercial kitchen available to residents of Southeast Wisconsin wishing to start or expand a food-related small business. 

Located in Milwaukee, this fully licensed facility is ideal for use by the following groups or individuals:

  • Growers and producers
  • Caterers
  • Chefs
  • Bakers
  • Cooking class instructors
  • Special-event vendors
  • Service clubs, community groups, and non-profit organizations

For a small hourly fee, the kitchen  provides food entrepreneurs with the resources they need to get their dream off the ground—without having to invest in costly food-processing equipment and maintenance.

In addition to kitchen space, the Culinary Center also provides storage for bulk supplies and packaging, technical support, and business development services.

Superior Culinary Center Mission Statement: 

Superior Culinary Center is an innovative organization specializing in catering, culinary cooking classes, team building and corporate training, utilizing the Culinary Arts. We help the world’s leading companies improve communication, performance, increase sales and build brands by creating events, environments and interactive experiences with the power to engage, educate, entertain and even transform.