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Coronavirus Commercial Kitchen Essentials

Coronavirus Commercial Kitchen Essentials

With the COVID-19 epidemic continuing to spread, foodservice operators are faced with heightened responsibilities in protecting staff and customers. We offer safe solutions for new and existing commercial kitchens in government facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and institutions, military, convenience stores and restaurants. If you need commercial kitchen equipment, supplies, or guidance to turn your business in to a clean and safe carry-out or delivery, our team is ready to help. Shop our essential offering below, browse our full catalog, or contact us between 8:00 and 5:00 CST Monday - Saturday; we'll help you quickly find the products you need to respond to government regulations and safety concerns. Superior Equipment is honored by its partnership with the U.S. General Services Administration as GSA contractor No. . Due to an increased national demand on food safety supplies, we encourage you to call for fastest product delivery.


Health, Sanitation & Wellness

Food business owners have particular responsibilities under food law and must maintain proper hygiene practices at all times by providing the correct facilities e.g. hand washing, toilets, etc. to enable staff to practice good hygiene. Disposable gloves, face masks, and body containment kits help prevent the spread of germs and illness.


Warewashing and Sterilization

Commercial sterilization products are designed to protect against contamination between raw or undercooked foods and cooked or ready to eat foods. In today's climate where current information suggests that the coronavirus may survive a few hours on surfaces, the right warewashing and sterilization equipment is a must.

Carry-out & Meal Delivery

Today's priority will be to get food to customers safely. Whether it's a simple tray that can be sterilized after use or heavy-duty food pan carrier that can help get foods to their destination contamination free. We're here for all your Carry-out and Meal Delivery needs.



Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are ideal for holding bulk perishable ingredients with thick insulation and accurate temperature control for food safe temperatures. Deep freeze meats and bulk frozen foods with large storage capacities at affordable prices.

Ice & Water Dispensers

Today’s environment demands a sanitary ice maker/dispenser design that keeps ice fully contained until it is needed, minimizing the opportunity for cross-contamination and keeping your ice clean. Cleanliness and the ability to limit possibilities of contamination will be in today’s forefront. Burkett Restaurant Equipment is proud to work together with your business and take the guess work out of what it is you need.

Commercial Refrigeration & Freezers

Improve the safety and quality of food and ingredients with Commercial Refrigeration. Whether you need a 1 door unit for quick and easy convenience or a large walk-in cooler to satisfy your business's heavy-duty storage needs, Burkett is your one-stop-shop for all refrigeration and kitchen essentials.


Superior Equipment is committed to supplying restaurants, government facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and institutional customers with the products, service and support to meet the new demands and regulations resulting from COVID-19. We have thousands of essential products in-stock and ready to ship, as well as millions of dollars of vendor managed inventory available to ship across the US. Here you’ll find portable hand washing systems, commercial chest freezers to keep bulk product on hand, warewashing and general sterilization products, and insulated food carriers that safeguard against contaminates, while maintaining their finished results.


Resources to Help Navigate COVID-19

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