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Consulting Services

Restaurant Consulting: 6 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs It

Superior offers a wide range of consulting services including concept development, feasibility studies, food safety, design, marketing, operations and training.

Superior provides professional advice, for a defined scope of work. We work as an advocate for our clients in achieving their goals through the design and implementation of food service facilities and/or operations/management systems. Consultants provide expertise, knowledge and experience to provide assistance that does not exist in-house, or by providing resources not available at the time.

As professionals our primary focus is the welfare of the client organization that we serve.

  • Extremely knowledgeable in the food-service and hospitality industry
  • Acts as an advocate for food-service operations     
  • Provides specific/specialized expertise
  • Usually involved for limited, specified period
  • Brings high degree of industry experience
  • Advises and educates clients on wide range of topics
  • Provides independent, objective advice
  • Enhances client’s business 
  • Facilitates between project team and food service operations professional                                                                    



Complete & Turnkey Projects

Superior can deliver complete & turnkey projects including: Design, budget planning, engineering, mechanical drawings, coordination with contractors and architects, delivery, installation, final hook up, start up, demonstration and post installation service work.


Food service Equipment

  • Complete food service equipment and furniture specification
  • Budget planning and cost estimating
  • Coordination with architects, interior designers and construction managers


Business Development

  • Business Management & Training
  • Existing Business Workshops
  • Start –Up & Operations Support
  • Corporate Staff Training
  • HR Training
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Workshops



Culinary Training

  • Menu Development
  • Coffee College
  • Safe Food Handling & Sanitation Training
  • Culinary Innovation
  • Meat Processing.
  • Beverage Program Training
  • Knife Skills



Supply Cost Containment

  •  Innovative packaging ideas
  •  Systematic sourcing
  •  Total Cost Containment
  •  Proven solutions
  •  Full access to a wide range of product lines
  •  Local graphic artist for custom product designs
  •  Sustainable Packaging Solutions
  •  Customer satisfaction


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