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Culinary Essentials: Serve Success - Food Trends

Posted on June 07 2019







Customer Experience: Tips for Food Truck Operators: We love food trucks at Superior. As some of the fastest moving people in the food service industry, the food truck owners and operators we’ve met are gifted at creating unique and flavorful menus. They’re also adept at marketing and managing their hectic schedules.

A fast-paced environment can make it tough to take time away from business to focus on business. Getting outside the kitchen, the food truck or the dining room to plan and move the business forward is important. At our Chefs Marketplace training, food service operators to do just that. They understand their customer expects not just to eat, but to have an experience. This is true whether the customer is walking into a brand-new dining facility or stepping up to a food truck window.

At Superior Chefs Marketplace, we help food service operators and business owners plan new concepts that refresh their menu and grow their business. Here are two ways food truck operators can benefit from our visual merchandising background to make the customer experience even better.

Get Your Food Ready for a Close-Up: Packaging makes a statement about the food it contains. The size, color and material used in your packaging impact the customer’s perception about the quality of your ingredients. How is your food presenting in photos? Your customers want to share their experience with their friends and followers, so make sure the food you pass through the window is ready for a close-up.

Choose container sizes that complement your portions so your customer feels like they got more than their money’s worth. The right-size scoops or dishers can also help you control costs.

Color is one of the most impactful ways to influence your customer’s perception about the food. Most of your packaging options will come in black, brown or white, so consider adding your branding with stickers.

Food Truck Portion Control and Packaging: Materials can provide texture in the customer’s hand and tell a lot about your business. If sustainability is important to you and your customers, make sure your packaging includes post-consumer material.

Make Sure Your Condiment Station Can Pass the Mustard: Make it easy for customers to identify your custom sauces or staples like ketchup and mustard. Clearly labeled condiment holders are a small detail that go a long way toward the customer convenience, and keeping the crowd moving.

Dispensers or holders for napkins and cutlery keep your station organized, tidy and prevent waste. Coordinated pieces make it clear you’re invested in providing a great customer experience. Don’t forget to have holder for your business cards or fliers.

Food Truck Condiment Stations and Signs: Signs are an important communication tool that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to creating your presentation. In other words, plan ahead so you’re not inking out messages on napkins taped to the window. Use signs to spell out your story, identify ingredients or just write up the day’s specials.

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