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Why Snapchat Will Increase your Profit Margin

Posted on January 11 2019

If you’re not using it in your personal life, you’ve likely still heard of Snapchat in the same sentence as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Although Instagram and Facebook now have options for live streaming and “stories,” Snapchat may still be the fastest way to get the point across and connect with your customers.

 How to Use Snapchat: First, download the free app and pick an identifiable username for your website. We suggest adding things to your “story” as opposed to directly sending them to the people you decide to follow. This way, they can choose to explore and look at your story instead of being forced to open a notification. This option is also great because you can choose to make your story “public,” which allows those who do not follow you to check out what you post.

How to Gain Followers: The great thing about snapchat, is that every user has their own scannable code that’s unique to their profile. We encourage you to print this code out and place it in a few different, visible locations around your restaurant. If you place it at every table, it will give customers something to do while they’re waiting for their food. If you’re a fast-casual restaurant, make sure you place it in a location visible to those walking up and ordering their meals.

Use Snapchat to Your Advantage: Like other forms of social media, snapchat is free advertising! Use it to post upcoming specials, discount codes, or ways to get coupons. Encourage customers to use snapchat to get free drinks or a percentage off their next tab. Allow employees to “take over” your snapchat and post photos of a day in the life at your

Create a Geofilter for Special Events: Geofilters are a great way to increase customer promotion of your restaurant, and they cost less than $6 a day! To create one, log onto your computer and go to Snapchat’s website. From there, you’ll find the option to create a Geofilter for your restaurant with a specific time, date, and mile radius. Feel free to use this for any and all events that you want to promote, from weekend happy hours to your restaurant’s anniversary parties.

Remember to take Snapchat lightly. While it is advertising, it’s a fun, free way to advertise your restaurant and show that you’re relatable to consumers. Allow an employee you trust to run your snapchat page, and remember, have fun!


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