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Why Event Facilities Today Need Modern Braising Pans

Posted on January 17 2018

Why Event Facilities Today Need Modern Braising Pans

For high-volume operations, the best kitchen equipment is the kind that you can use for multiple purposes without compromising on food quality. This will allow you to perform a variety of prepping, cooking and serving functions without taking up an inordinate amount of space. A modern braising pan is one piece of equipment that can do just that.

 Performance is key in a high-volume situation, and a good braising pan will have it in spades. The ability to reach temperatures of 350℉ in just minutes while cooking food evenly and thoroughly ensures that you can cook large batches of food in a short time. For example, a high-end braising pan will be able to cook 150 pounds of chicken in about 40 minutes. And with precision thermostats, you can exercise total control over the internal temperature, helping you achieve your desired end results.

 The best braising pans aren’t just for braising though. The best of them will also be able to roast, fry, boil, simmer sauté and even hold and warm foods. This versatility is key for the event facility kitchen that needs to have a wide-ranging variety of options on its menu. Whether its braised meats, roasted potatoes or sautéed vegetables, a modern braising pan will deliver perfectly cooked results every time.

 Best of all, modern braising pans are incredibly easy to use. There is only one central control panel, which is readily accessible and intuitive enough for even moderately experienced staff. A smooth-action, quick-tilting mechanism prevents jerking or halting, making it simple to steadily transfer large-capacity batches into serving dishes without spilling anything.

 The cleanup is similarly easy: With 3-inch radius coved corners, these braising pans allow operators to easily move products around in the pan without scratching the finish, all while making cleanup a painless process. The same rounded design is applied to the entire unit, which enables staff to clean the whole unit to NSF standards without taking up too much time.

 For event facilities, foodservice can make or break your reputation. Having versatile equipment like a new braising pan is a great way to ensure your kitchen is equipped to serve large crowds without sacrificing the high quality your guests expect.


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