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Top Five Marketing Tips for Your Restaurant to Create A Unique Mother’s Day Experience

Posted on April 05 2019






Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and with it being one of the notorious ‘busiest days’ of the year for restaurants, you want to be sure to make an impression on all your guests. With this in mind, we have put together our top 5 restaurant tips that will really wow mothers, grandmothers, and their loved ones!

It is almost a given that no matter what type of restaurant you are, on Mother’s Day, you can prepare to be slammed. The holiday has long beat out both New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day as the busiest day of the year for restaurants, so if you don’t already have a game plan, it’s time to get one together.

Create a kid-friendly dining experience: To celebrate mothers on their special day, it’s important to be sure they have a chance to take a break and have special attention paid to them. To make ordering easy, come up with a kid-friendly menu that covers classics such as chicken tenders or PB&J to appease picky eaters. Keep little ones entertained with coloring activities and crayons they are encouraged to use on the menu. Also remember to stock up on booster seats and high chairs as there is sure to be an abundance of children who need them.

Offer a drink special or specialty cocktails: Nothing screams appreciation to mothers quite like offering bottomless mimosas or wine! Add a special like this with something colorful and bubbly to really get moms excited about their celebratory meal. Already do bottomless specials? Mix things up by adding fruity and refreshing specialty cocktails that both new and returning customer will appreciate!

Create a special menu that includes brunch or a buffet: Mother’s Day almost guarantees a continuous influx of families throughout the day. Craft a concise brunch menu or a buffet to not only create a unique experience for mothers, but to also help make things easy and more efficient for both your staff and customers. Although you can still offer your regular menu, recommending a shorter list of entrees or a ‘help-yourself’ styled buffet can steer guests to make faster decisions, prevent your kitchen staff from getting overwhelmed, and allow you to accommodate more parties throughout the day.

Like the idea of a buffet-styled brunch, but don’t have the proper displays? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite brands.

Prepare tables for large parties: It should come as no surprise that Mother’s Day reservations are most likely going to be larger than just an intimate dining experience for two. Prepare tables and server sections accordingly and be ready in advance to accommodate parties of 5 or more. Your staff will not only thank you for saving them time from having to push tables together in the middle of a busy shift, but guests will also appreciate the efficiency in which you will be able to seat them.

Get the word out about your Mother’s Day specials: Even though each of the previous tips can aid in creating a successful Mother’s Day dining experience, potential guests won’t know about all of your specials unless you get the word out! Add the promotions you plan on doing to your website and social media channels. Also consider offering a deal to guests who check-in to your restaurant on Facebook or Yelp.


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