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Posted on February 07 2018

Top Five Food Trends for 2018

 With every new year comes new trends in dining. We’ve found the Top 5 Food Trends you should keep an eye out for and even incorporate into your menu for 2018!

 Craft Soft Drinks

Healthier, but still tasty sodas are becoming more popular as restaurants offer better-for-you options different from the Coca-Cola and PepsiCo products we are used to seeing.  Restaurants are crafting house-made mocktails and craft sodas relying on the pure taste of fruits, berries, vegetables and even herbs and spices to create a healthier and more enjoyable sipping experience for diners.

 Sugar Alternatives

Healthy eating is at the forefront of most people’s minds as we slide into the new year so this trend is a fantastic reassurance for your guests. Sugar alternatives like natural syrups (from root, corn, vegetables and fruits) are becoming a staple on many restaurant menus.

 Stevia is another alternative to keep in mind. This no-calorie, all-natural sweetener is derived from the leaf of a flowering plant and is not only healthy, but delicious. It comes in the same form as sugar making baking and cooking with stevia an easy substitute.


Self-Care Cuisine

Diners are becoming more aware of foods we should stay away from that can compromise our health like processed foods, treats that are high in sugar, sodium and trans fats, and foods with MSG (an additive known to increase appetite and make food more temping).

 Many restaurants are investing their dollars in nutritionists who work side by side with their chefs to create menus that align with the key health demands of their consumers. 2018 will be a year of pampering our bodies with balanced diets and nourishing foods.

 Functional Mushrooms

2018 has quickly become dubbed the “Year of the Mushrooms”. With mushroom infused coffees, teas and elixirs, there is never a bad time for a functional mushroom break. With many different varieties of mushrooms out there, recipes range depending on the type.

 They can be cooked directly in with many foods, or made into a decoction by drying mushrooms, simmering in water and using the liquid for soups, stews and beverages. The health benefits of fungi are endless, check out this informative blog for more information.

Floral Flavors

Not only are they a gorgeous addition to any plate or cocktail, flowers are also great for their flavors. Hibiscus, lavender, and rose are just a few go-to varietals for many restaurants when looking to infuse the freshest flavors into baked goods, drinks and even meats.  They can be simmered with water and other ingredients to add complexity to any dish. Top your dish with the corresponding flower garnish to really up your presentation.

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