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Tips on Upselling Techniques for Restaurants

Posted on January 24 2019







Optimizing your establishment’s selling strategies to boost revenue can be a challenging task. By implementing upsell techniques, you will advance your bottom line and improve customer service. Below are key concepts to consider when formulating successful upselling practices.

Offer Additional Items: Use appealing verbiage and images that entice guests to purchase your tasty appetizers, side dishes and scrumptious desserts.

Be descriptive when featuring extra add-ons.

Consider offering single-bite samples to get patrons talking.

Make Suggestions: When a customer is uncertain about what to order, coach servers to suggest the more profitable dishes on your menu as well as beverages that would best complement those plates.

Have Take-Out Options: Advise customers who want to try a dessert, but are too full to enjoy it, that you will gladly package it to-go.

Decide What to Upsell: Train your team on how to upsell only a few specific items during each service. This will help the wait staff to focus on the features of only two or three offerings, making it easier for them to provide genuine recommendations to customers.

Be Knowledgeable on Menu and Pairings: Prepare your servers to be well versed in your menu offerings and beverage selections. Building this familiarity will enable your employees to suggest entrees and ideal beer, wine or cocktails to pair with those dishes.

Cross-Sell Profitable Items: Drink orders are a simple way to incorporate cross-selling tactics. For example, if someone orders a well drink, your wait staff should propose a specific brand of liquor to increase your profit margin.


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