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Posted on January 13 2018

Spring Clean your Restaurant Kitchen

Spring is officially here! And with it comes everyone’s favorite spring task, SPRING CLEANING. Restaurants have an obligation to keep everything clean all year round, but why not go the extra mile and implement a spring cleaning list?

Cleaning Schedule and Training

Most restaurants have a shift/closing cleaning list. Spring cleaning is an excellent time to visit the schedule. Make sure that cleaning needs are being covered often enough and are up to date. Did you add new equipment this year? Make sure it is being cleaned and maintained properly. Also consider a refresher training with your employees on cleaning kitchen equipment including everyone’s favorite: the fryer!

As the weather gets warmer, the pests increase. Getting a professional to spray for bugs is only half of the battle. Three tips to keep bugs out as the weather warms:

Bugs are bad in the commercial kitchen!

Rotate materials to keep pests from having time to “settle in”.

Keep the temperature of your storage room temperature in the 60s to hinder bug reproduction.

Remind employees to keep the doors shut when going to and from breaks to keep bugs from getting in the open door.

Equipment Spring Cleaning

Equipment Cleaning: Hoods

Dirty kitchen hoods are hazard in the kitchen.

Kitchen hoods should be cleaned much more frequently than once a year, but a professional cleaning is recommended at least that often. Professionals have the tools and experience to know where grease and debris build up to keep your kitchen fire free.

Equipment Cleaning: Air Conditioning

Whether your AC has been used over the winter months or not, proper cleaning of dust and dirt and regular maintenance will help get you ready for the approaching summer temps.

Equipment Cleaning: Ice Machines

Make sure your ice machine is regularly cleaned, and use spring cleaning as an opportunity to empty, defrost, and sanitize the machine throughout.

Sanitize and Organize

The biggest part of spring cleaning is an overall deep clean and sanitization. Get into the hard- to- reach areas including behind equipment, corners, tile grout, walls, and ceiling. Don’t forget your drains!

Don’t forget to clean the drains in your commercial kitchen!

For maximum efficiency, Simpson says to consider organizing while you clean. Inventory items and replace broken or missing tools, then put a system in place to keep things where they belong.

No matter what you include on your list of to-dos for spring cleaning, make it a team project. This will not only make the work easier, but employees are more willing to maintain high standards if they’re the ones investing the time to deep clean.


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