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Spring & Summer Buffet Trends

Posted on March 09 2018

As the winter months fade away, restaurateurs and catering professionals prepare for holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day where buffets are an expected part of the dining out experience. The warmer weather also means wedding season has arrived. To make every catered affair memorable, embrace fresh ideas and new buffet concepts which will create a special experience for your guests.

Read on for hot trends that are hitting the buffet and catering scene this season.

Spring & Summer Buffet Trends – Colored Risers Jewel Tones

According to Catersource, jewel tones are expected to be a popular color choice for occasions of all types. Including a pop of brilliant color is an easy way to add interest as well as bring out the rich colors of the dishes you serve. You can carry out this trend beyond linens and flower arrangements. Eastern Tabletop has a wide array of chafers and risers that you can customize in a variety of colors. If you’re replacing a chafer or two, this is a fun way to add personality and an intriguing look to the display. For a subtler approach, use colorful glass chargers to showcase appetizers or small bites for guests to easily grab.

 Food Stations

Ditch the traditional long table buffet set up. Instead, build stations throughout the space; a coffee station, appetizers, charcuterie boards, a salad station, etc. This minimizes the bottleneck that can happen when everyone moves to the buffet at once. It also allows guests to mingle and easily get a second helping. More and more, people are expecting a performance when they attend an event. Consider having an active dessert station serving made-to-order ice cream or personal cupcake decorating.


Spring & Summer Buffet Trends – Textured Linens

Gone are the days of simple white linens. Today, it’s all about creating depth and intrigue with textures. This can be accomplished by using textiles that are patterned or by layering linens of different sizes and colors. Get creative placemats! To add character, group placemats to form a color block or layer on top of a plain white tablecloth. Not only can this create visual interest, but it allows for simple clean up.


Spring & Summer Buffet Trends – Miniature Servings Small Bites

Bigger is not always better. Miniature sized appetizers, sides and desserts are easy to serve and let guests try more than just one item. Food & Wine has a wide range of recipe options to offer at your next event. The smaller servings help to keep food waste to a minimum; a chef is able to control the portion size and not worry about people over filling their plates. With this miniature trend, there are several unique ways to serve up your creations- from personal sized cookware to small bowls and miniature cups, the possibilities are endless.


Spring & Summer Buffet Trends – Craft Cocktails

Crafted Cocktails

The craft cocktail trend is making its way to the buffet and catering business. Historically, standard drinks have been the expectation when going to an event. Now, with the desire for entertainment and personalization, specialty cocktails are in demand. Check out for fresh ideas to bring to your menu. Remember, it’s about the overall experience – watching the cocktail being made, the taste and the final presentation. Make sure you have the necessary tools and glassware to create a stunning beverage.









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