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Posted on January 13 2018

Farm to Table Sourcing for Your Restaurant

As the world become more and more health-conscious every day, it’s time to turn your focus on to where your food comes from. Oftentimes, our fruits and vegetables are exposed to many chemicals and environments that may not be the best for our health. Because they shipped from around the world, the produce we see in some supermarkets and other similar establishments have been harvested ahead of time to increase shelf life.

However, when choosing locally sourced ingredients this summer, you’ll find your produce to be more robust on both flavor and color, but also size. Locally sourced farms also tend shy away from harmful growth hormones and antibiotics. Healthier ingredients make for healthy meals which ultimately make for happy healthy people. Be sure to enjoy your apples, apricots, avocados, blackberries and more, this summer GMO free!



Of course, the number of farms you find depends greatly on where you live.  But overall, it’s not difficult to source from local providers.  Independently owned and operated farms are thriving all over the country.  Putting the name of your sources on your menus and signage will also give your customers the satisfaction of knowing you’re looking for the best and keeping things fresh and health for them.



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