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Posted on January 13 2018

Should your Restaurant Staff wear Uniforms: 

Walk into your local coffee shop, farm to table restaurant or even fine dining establishment and chances are you will see staff members wearing casual outfits to work. Owners have increasingly shifted away from the traditional uniforms of crisply pressed white shirts that many see as, lifeless, impractical and frankly dull. “New uniforms” are not only about creating a brand image but, pleasing the internal customer, the staff.

With many restaurants giving way to employee empowerment, owners and managers have seen a positive reaction and a sense of pride in considering their team members input as to what they wear each day.

As the millennial generation begins to take over the work force, there has been a distinctive trend towards more casual and flexible uniform policies. These policies allow cooks and servers the opportunity to select the style and fit that works best for them. For some this may mean forgoing chef jackets, allowing servers to find their own flattering fitting outfits and some time allowing employees to be “urban chic.”

This Urban Chic trend may be at times reminiscent of an outfit one could find in their wardrobes but, ultimately gives the restaurant a genuine, down to earth feel. A feeling focusing on the food, drinks and service which welcome internal and external guests to feel as though they are an extension of the restaurants family.

For those who may wish to play it safe and set parameters as to what stylish choices your employees are allowed, here are some tips and hints.

Make sure it fits- no employee will be enthused if they are mandated to wear an oversize chef jacket or a suit coat to serve tables.

Make it cool and comfortable- as we all know, we work hard in a restaurant setting, we run around, while staying calm and collective in front of patrons. Make sure the uniform allows employees to get through the shift without having to change their shirt twice.

Be stylish- focus on what fashion trends are in; denim, bright colors, and even t-shirts. The main goal is to be true to your brand and identifying how the brand should be represented is a task that will require input from staff and patrons.

Focus on colors- there is a very large trend focusing on grayscales and neutral color trends. This approach can be anywhere from charcoal grey to night-sky black. For an additional touch of authenticity pop in a bright color that will help the brand stand out from other restaurants in the area.

Try placing logo creatively- try placing the logo in an area that is unexpected, where guests would not think to look. It can add a touch of flair to a regular uniform what will surely entice your guest’s attention.


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