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Posted on January 13 2018

Should You Choose a Blender or a Food Processor?

The job of both blenders and food processors is to lighten up the work load and make food preparation easier. This is great when space is a premium in your kitchen, especially once you have a clear understanding on which of these appliances will work best for you.

While blenders and food processors appear to be interchangeable, they both perform very specific tasks. By looking at the differences of the two, you can figure out which is more suitable for your business needs.

Food Processors

When it comes to prep work, food processors are a huge win for efficiency and volume. Food processors are suited for solid & dry foods that are labor intensive to chop, slice or shred Think of food processors as the prep stage of the cooking experience.

A variety of tasks, such as grinding nuts, slicing vegetables, and kneading dough, are easily accomplished with a click of a switch when you have a food processor. For bakers and anyone dealing with strenuous food preparation, a food processor is a must. Their wider and flatter blades allow for better shredding, slicing, and chopping. With their power and effectiveness they work great on the toughest of foods.

Tip: You can even make small quantities of dough in food processors but for anyone that needs dough or crust regularly a purpose built mixer is the way to go!

Vitamix Blenders

If you operate a bar, smoothie or shake business the blender is the way to go. Mixing together liquid based foods is what it does best. Other great uses for blenders are pureeing creamy soups, salad dressings, and thick sauces just to name a few.

Only a blender can puree to the right consistency every time. Blenders are successful at chopping ice due to their blades and pitchers being designed to puree ingredients while maintaining movement to ensure all products will be the same consistency.

Don’t forget there are food blenders & drink blenders. Generally these have slightly different blades, motors, or even pitcher shapes to best accomplish your task.

How Blenders & Food Processors Compare

Blenders and food processors are designed to prepare very different food items. However, in some instances their functionality can overlap. This comparison chart shows what types of food you can make with each type of equipment.

Food Product Make with Blender Make with Food Processor
Blended Drinks Yes No
Soups Yes Capable
Dips Capable Yes
Butters Not Recommended Yes
Chopped or Sliced Vegetables No Yes
Shredded Cheese No Best

As you can see there are notable differences between a blender and food processor. These two products should always be viewed as separate appliances and not substitutes for one another. When determining which one to purchase for your establishment the types of foods being prepared along with the frequency of usage should be heavily considered.


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