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Score Sales with Super Bowl Restaurant Promotions

Posted on January 31 2019









The big game is right around the corner and with all the hype surrounding football, there is a common desire for fans to gather at a favorite establishment. Restaurants should plan ways to attract guests and provide a memorable experience.

Superior Equipment has come up with Game Day Promotions for your restaurant to consider for a successful turnout.

Plan Raffles, Games & Giveaways: Restaurant guests will likely show up early and can be expected to stay past the 4th quarter. Nothing excites patrons more than having the opportunity to participate in giveaways or to win prizes. Consider ways to entertain the crowd prior to kick off and during slow periods of the evening.

Investing in prizes to raffle off will not only allow guests to be interactive with your staff but can also be used as a promotion on your social media channels. If customers see that prizes can be won while watching the game, it could entice them to choose your restaurant over another location. Fun and simple activities can include bingo or trivia and prizes can range from gift cards and drink specials to concert tickets and gift baskets.

Bring on the Bar: Drink specials are a great way to tempt guests to choose your venue. Beverage offers can include shots, unique cocktails, and popular brews. You can infuse some of your signature drinks or popular sellers, while featuring at least one kind of beer and a liquor to account for all libation preferences. Post drink deals on your social media channels, website, and/or newsletter to incentivize guests.

Create a Sports-Themed Menu: Most restaurants showing the big game will be decked out in football décor, and having a special menu catered to the event will be an added touch guests are sure to appreciate. Introduce new dining options or simply give your current dishes some imaginative football-related names to make your menu more fun.

To keep things easy and stress-free, consider creating a separate, smaller menu that can easily be printed out to accompany your normal fare on game day. This is another great piece to post on your website for added interest.

Develop Shareable Plates & Beverages: Since it can be expected that most of your guests on game day will be arriving in groups and spending all evening at your bar or restaurant, it is a good idea to whip up some mix-and-match plates and beverages for the entire table to order. This will allow guests to snack on things tailgate-style, and also make service for large parties more manageable for your staff. Think about foods that will be easy on your chefs to prepare in bulk. Adding shareable drinks, such as a beer tower, beer pitcher, or cocktails for two, can ease service demands for your bartenders.

Incentives for Guests to Come Back: Since the big game will encourage a busy rush to your restaurant, rewarding guests with deals and offers to use at a later date builds loyalty and repeat business. Special discounts, coupons and ‘bring a friend’ offers will entice guests to make your establishment a chosen destination, not just a chance visit.

Superior provides restaurants with a full range of tabletop collections, buffet essentials and quality kitchen products. With over 35 years of industry experience, our consultative style of service is profit-driven, sourcing the very best products to meet the unique needs of every business. We partner with each customer to offer cost-effective solutions and to support their prosperity and success. Discover how our experts bring excellence and ingenuity to the table every day.


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