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Let’s Party - Best Thanksgiving Eve Promotions

Posted on November 10 2018

For many people, the holiday season beings on Thanksgiving Eve. It is the true sign that the holiday season is soon to be here and it seems only right to start the celebration the night before Turkey Day. This day has become known as “Frindsgiving” and “Drinksgiving,” and may create a welcoming atmosphere that is centered around friends and drinks.

With nearly everyone taking off the next day, Thanksgiving Eve is basically Friday night times three. Friends arriving from distant places will converge on the local watering hole, while local singles throng the same bar in the hopes of meeting someone before the holidays officially lift off. Friends from many years past come gather together in the local town bar and somehow everyone seems to have fun and enjoy themselves.

To get the party started early on Thanksgiving Eve we have identified special promotions that will have your bar full all night long!

1 - Drink specials all day. The majority of those working on Thanksgiving Eve leave work early and it may be easier for them to stop by for a cocktail at 2PM than at 7PM. By offering drink specials all day it will help increase revenue.

2 - Customers are more socially connected now than ever and love taking photos with their friends. Create a photo both where customers can take photos, post to socially media and remember the night long after the last drink of the evening is served. This also always your customers to tag the restaurant on social media and help cross promote your brand.

3 - A new idea we saw this year is offering a a percentage off Uber rides with proof of purchase from restaurant. This allows your consumers to come enjoy their time and know they are able to get home safe at a discounted rate.

4 - Late night menu options are always a great option. So your consumers do not over drink offer late night appetizers for them at a discounted rate. To help with food cost you can even produce a menu specifically for this evening. Keep in mind the more sold on this evening the better.

We realize that Thanksgiving Evening is a fun night for friends but, it is extremely important not to over serve your customers. It is in no ones benefit to over serve and proper alcohol service should be maintained all night long to make for a fun memorable evening.


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