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Posted on January 13 2018

Is Yelp Helping or Hurting?

When you think about Yelp chances are you are thinking about the app on everyones phones that encourages consumers where to eat, when to eat and what to expect. Recent studies have shown that restaurant on Yelp with steadily good to great reviews increasingly have a steadily growing line. This is exceedingly true if you are an independent restaurant who may not have a loyal following country wide. The facts are simple, those who use Yelp believe they are helping the community around them by giving thoughtful and truthful reviews to fellow consumers.

Yelp Elite members are even known to influence an entire community to try a new establishment, back a new establishment or shun an establishment if service/food standards become subpar.  This can be a true uphill battle industry wide and gives up reason to believe and treat every single guests as though they will write a review for millions to see. Ways to increase Yelp reviews can be as simple as sending out a complimentary appetizers to guests if course are taking a long time to be prepared, celebrating a birthday/ anniversary with a champagne toast. These little acts of kindness will go a long way with those rating your establishment and will help your customers happy and confident in your product.

We have seen another big trend in Yelp blogger events. This is when Yelp Elites are invited to your restaurant and you offer a sampling of your best appetizers, wine and cocktails. It allows those writing reviews to get a true sense of everything wonderful you offer and the top notch service we know you have. Yes, it may take up time/space and money but, it is worth it and it will get numerous well known area Yelp Elites to praise your restaurant. Moral of the story, treat every guest as a food critic. If you know something may have been even slightly off during their experience try and fix it! Every guest has the opportunity to be your best and worse critic and in our industry we always want a five star review. Make sure to shop at for all your restaurant needs!


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