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Posted on January 13 2018

How to Set up and Manage Your Event on Facebook

Facebook is the most widely used social media network in the world. And Facebook events are a great way to spread your restaurants brand and get new and returning customers’ attention. Plus, most people have Facebook events connected to their smartphones so it is an easy way to ensure that your events are in your customers calendars.

Here are some tips to get the most out of Facebook events and get people to attend yours!

Name Your Event

Your event should have an official and unique name. Don’t just say “Happy Hour.” Have the name include the theme, the holiday, or a clever pun name and always include your restaurant’s name in the event. This will help your event stand out and be talked about.

Write a Clear Description

Your description of the event is where you give the important details and information like pricing, special guests, schedule, and food and drink specials. This is a great opportunity to market with clever copywriting to get the customers interested.

Use an Eye-Catching Event Photo or Graphic

The image that people see should be captivating enough to compel customers to come before they even read about the event. This image should also clearly express the purpose of the event while also carrying your restaurant’s branding and logo. Since this image is used in several sections of Facebook, make sure it is also an image that looks great even when resized. This image should not just be used on Facebook, but should be the same branding and advertising you are using other places as well including posters, postcards, ads, etc. You want this image to become immediately recognizable to your customers and associated with this event.

Use Keywords for Tags

You can optimize your Facebook Event by including relevant keywords in the tags section. Don’t limit yourself to just branded keywords. For example, if your event includes live music, use the genre of the music as a tag.

Let and Encourage People to Post on the Event Wall

When creating a public event, you want to make sure that not only the host can post. Make sure to leave that box unchecked when setting up the event. The more active the event looks, the more excited people will be to attend. Having a public wall also allows you the organizer to answer questions and address concerns. You can also post updates and reminders here.

Set an End Time for Your Event

This is important and often overlooked but it helps your customers plan.

Run Facebook Ads

Getting people to find out about your event is sometimes a struggle so Facebook Ads allow you to easily, effectively, and cheaply promote your events. This extra reach also helps you spread awareness of your restaurant and event beyond your current customers.

The Earlier the Better

The earlier you get an event up on Facebook, the more time you can promote it and let Facebook do its job of helping you spread the word. It also allows your customers a chance to plan and make your event their priority.

Create a Sense of Urgency

People love special deals, so consider having benefits, discounts, or freebies for early RSVPs or committed reservations. This is a great tactic to ensure excitement for your event.

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