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How to Choose the Best Equipment Dealer

Posted on December 18 2023









Price is only one factor to consider when choosing a dealer to do business with.

Your first instinct when you need a new piece of restaurant equipment may be to search online for the lowest price you can find. But price-shopping, especially for big-ticket items like foodservice equipment, often is short-sighted. Price can be negotiated in many cases, but more importantly, the price often includes services or benefits you may find vital to your business.

An equipment dealer should be your partner in business, helping you to be successful. A dealer should not only provide the products you want to buy but offer the help you need before, during and after the transaction. For that reason, other factors, including relationships and reach, types and level of service, responsiveness and convenience are important to consider in a dealer relationship, and should play into your decision.  

Reach: More than how far a company is willing to ship products, reach is about the geographical area a company can effectively and efficiently sell—and service—its customers. 

Superior Equipment stocks more than 10,000 SKUs in multiple warehouses, so it’s likely we have the product you need. In addition, our relationships with hundreds of vendors mean that whatever we don’t have we can quickly have shipped directly from the manufacturer. What that means to you is:

The products you want will likely be in stock when you need them.

Orders for items in stock will usually be shipped the same day, speeding delivery.

Items shipped from the warehouse closest to you saves freight costs.

Even if it’s a non-standard offering or happens to be temporarily out of stock, we have the connections to get those products to you quickly.

Ease of Ordering

With an item as substantial as restaurant equipment, you always take a risk when you order from a company, you’re not familiar with. Even when you do know the company you’re ordering from, you want the process to be easy, simple and accurate. The companies that do it best are ones that offer you options to fit your needs. 

Easy: At Superior, you can order restaurant equipment and supplies online, by phone or in person if you visit our showroom. 

Simple: Our team guides you through the purchasing process no matter what method of ordering you choose.

Accurate: Superior Consultants help make sure the product you order is the right model for your application and always double-check that your order is complete. 

Ground Game: Often, what sets one foodservice equipment dealer apart from another is what happens after you place your order. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or purchasing replacement equipment, you want a dealer that can get your order to you on time, delivered where you want it, and help with installation, set-up and service if you need it. 

Service Before and After the Sale: Communication is key to a successful dealer-customer relationship, so we provide a variety of channels—phone, fax, e-mail, online chat, emergency access and more—to make connecting with us as convenient as possible. 

Unlike some dealers, we won’t just sell you a piece of equipment; we’ll consult with you to make sure you get exactly what you need. With Superior you have a team dedicated to understanding your business, so when you call or connect with your Product Consultant, he or she already knows how to help you and your business grow. Experts in the industry, our Product Consultants stay on top of category trends and know the right equipment for your operation, from sizing an ice machine to selecting the type and durability of a mixer for your application. 

Some suppliers end their involvement with customers once an order is shipped. At Superior, service after the sale—from making product returns easy to making sure your staff is trained on the proper use of new equipment—is just as important as the ordering process. 

Levels of Service: Some customers require more services than others, but not all dealers can lend additional expertise. At Superior, we provide a wide range of services directly or through a trusted third party. Some of what we offer includes:

Stocking non-standard inventory for customers we’ve established relationships with

Kitchen design and layout, interior design, or both

Installation and set-up

Fabrication and millwork

Local preventive maintenance and warranty service

Buying guides

Spec sheets

Special delivery options such as lift gate service, residential delivery and white glove service (including inside delivery, product placement and removal of packaging)

Equipment financing

Cost: Our net costs for equipment typically are some of the lowest in the industry, yet include the best product consultant and customer service teams in the business. We charge competitive rates for additional services. Depending on the level of service or additional options needed, however, we’re more than happy to partner with customers and negotiate equipment prices that include the specific services you require. 

 Purchasing foodservice equipment for your business is an important and often expensive decision. Making a mistake can be costly. The right equipment dealer not only can help you save money but also help you select the right product for your application and your operation. At Superior, that’s what we do best, with direct lines of contact to your own expert Product Consultant and unparalleled post-sale service.


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