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Going Green: Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Next Event

Posted on December 04 2023






Going green. Eco-friendly. Sustainable solutions.  No matter what you call it, environmental consciousness is a hot topic that is here to stay.  With more and more customers becoming aware of their effects on the environment, people are looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint in all aspects of their lives, from transportation to dining out, including any swanky soirees they may attend.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Products: Conserving water, using sustainably sourced ingredients and creating a recycle program for your event space are all options you may have thought about implementing or are currently using.  If you don’t have the bandwidth to completely overhaul your operation to make it eco-friendly or are looking for ways to expand your sustainable efforts, consider serving your culinary creation on environmentally safe products.  Read on for ideas and tips to use at your next event or buffet.

Use dinnerware made from sustainable materials: Foodservice suppliers have taken notice of the eco-friendly desires of diners and chefs and introducing alternative materials to serve signature dishes on.  Bamboo is a popular renewable resource that is being used in products like Arcata’s bowls, plates & platters.  It can be washed, unlike items made from recycled paper, and is shatterproof, making it a great option for both the environment and your bottom line.

Design an eco-friendly display: Bamboo options extend beyond bowls and plates.  Bugambilia’s BambooServe line offers large serving bowls and platters that are 100% natural.   Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, this serving ware creates a versatile look while also helping the environment.

Embrace all-natural accents: Top manufacturers like Cal-Mil, G.E.T. Enterprises and American Metalcraft are rising to the challenge to provide sustainable buffet displays.  From buffet risers to beverage tubs to baskets, you can find a range of products made from bamboo to give your display not only a natural look, but an eco-friendly one.

Serve up miniatures: Individual sized portions are an easy way to minimize food waste and can be served in a variety of environmentally conscious ways.  Bamboo picks loaded with bite-sized appetizers are a fun and simple way to pass around before dinner.  Or consider serving a side dish in bamboo tasting cones.  Not only do they allow for small portions, but can be displayed in an artful way.

Don’t dis disposables: Many people don’t think about using disposables at events either because they are worried it won’t have a high-end appeal or these products have been historically made from paper, which have a negative impact on the environment.  Today there are a range of disposable products from plates, cutlery and cups made from natural products like palm leaves, biodegradable paper or recyclable plastic that are eco-friendly.  You are able to go green and the natural look of these items is perfect for an outdoor, rustic setting.


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