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Posted on January 13 2018

Fire up the Ovens!

Fire up those commercial ovens and start thinking about expansion. The economy, including the restaurant industry economy, is looking up under the Trump administration. People are starting to clamor for new restaurants, and that means new commercial ovens and new opportunities to seriously make an impression on people with creativity and drive.

Some of the statistics are glowing. For example, the snack and nonalcoholic beverage-bar segment grew by 6.5 percent last year. It’s expected to continue its growth – and we might have the opportunity to see more self-service slushy machines coming up.

The other segments of the restaurant industry were a bit slower, but they were nonetheless still impressive overall. Anything that’s going up as far as growth is good, right? The restaurant sector still has one out of every 10 jobs within the economy.

Now’s the perfect time to start a restaurant, whether you’re looking at a quaint place where you can put a refrigerated deli case or a sit down restaurant where you might want to get an Hoshizaki ice machine. Let your imagination be your guide.

The biggest boost that we’re getting in the industry is the prediction that employment in restaurants will be up and the segment will grow to over $780 billion dollars. Wow! That’s a lot of burgers and fries, but you gotta eat.

Is your restaurant thinking about expansion this year? Are you getting more people coming through your doors? What’s your secret?


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