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Equipment Purchasing Tips

Posted on January 11 2019

Avoid sanitation department fines: Nearly all food prep equipment requires approval by the National Sanitation Foundation. Ensure your foodservice equipment meets NSF stipulations by looking for an authentic blue sticker.

Always begin with the necessities: Equipment value depreciates over time and requires replacement about every few years, so stay clear of frivolous purchases.

Only buy used equipment from Dealers: Aim for quality and budget-friendly pieces that add value to your establishment and maintain profitability. Give them a test drive before you commit.

Brush up on regulations before you buy: Make sure your desired purchases will meet the approval of the building inspector, fire department and health department in your region. Whether you are starting from scratch or purchasing an old establishment, get familiar with your city’s zoning rules.

Give your electrical system a once over: Electrical wiring should be able to accommodate the extra power needed during hot summer and cool winter months. If you operate in an old building, check to see if it can support modern day appliances



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