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Designing your restaurant: What to take into consideration

Posted on November 19 2017

Modern restaurant

A new restaurant is an exciting and complex concept. There are so many factors to take into consideration when planning your kitchen, your menu, your staffing, your permits, your liquor license – the list goes on and on. Equally important: your dining room space. Customers eat with their eyes first, and having an attractive and welcoming seating area will greatly improve the experience of the diners.

Superior Restaurant Supply carries a large array of restaurant furniture for both indoors and outdoors – shop our collection here. And below are some tips to keep in mind and get you started on creating the perfect space:

From a practical standpoint, functionality is key. Consider the flow of the restaurant closely. There are so many moving parts in a working restaurant – quite literally – so plan your space carefully and consider what’s going to work best to keep your lunch and dinner rushes flowing smoothly. Adequate space between tables – an area for a line to form in front of the register (if applicable) indoor/outdoor seating which can be adjusted seasonally – all things to consider as you plan out the amount of tables you want to have and where they will go. Banquets and communal seating can also maximize the amount of paying customers you can have in the restaurant, but make sure that these new, modern seating tactics fit the flow and the vibe of your restaurant’s concept before implementing them.

Consider working with an interior designer. Just as you hire a chef to run your kitchen, or an agency to handle your marketing – working with an expert in interior design can drastically improve the quality and caliber of your finished space. While you may have your own concept in mind, executing your vision will be much easier with a professional hand. In addition, a designer can help fill in the gaps if you have some sort of a concept but haven’t really worked out the details. So regardless of whether you have an entire vision planned or just some basic ideas – working with a good interior designer will help ensure a stylish and well planned space.

Idea Commercial Planning Marketing Brand Concept

Finally: branding, branding, branding. Your restaurant’s branding goes beyond it’s logo – its the menu, the design, the overall feel and personality and mission statement of your concept. Branding should be well reflected in design as well as marketing materials. Are you more aesthetic or baroque? Casual or fine dining? Modern or traditional? All of these questions should be carefully taken into consideration when executing your restaurant floor plan. Small details, such as lighting fixtures or artwork, convey a strong presence in design, so be detail oriented and plan well in order to make your vision come to life in an attractive way that your customers will love.



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