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Posted on January 13 2018

Branding your restaurant – the psychology behind colors

When designing a logo for a new restaurant, font, shape, color, and size all come into play. While they may seem like small decisions, in actuality, the psychology behind color branding is very complex, and different colors can make a big difference in how customers see your product. Here are the basics behind the psychology of different colors and their corresponding emotional pulls:

Color Emotion Guide

Red: evokes strong emotions and encourages appetite. Symbolizes love and increases loyalty. A great choice for restaurants as the color will make your customers feel hungry. Brands that use red for their logo include: McDonalds, Lego, and Coca Cola.

Yellow: associated with cheerfulness, warmth, and friendliness. Represents optimism and youthfulness. Shows clarity and indicated liberalism. Companies that use yellow in their logos include: Hertz, Ikea, and IMDB.

Blue: associated with peace, water, and tranquility. Blue is neutral and non-invasive and therefore is used often in corporate marketing. It also increases productivity and is the most used color for offices. Corporations that use blue for their logo include: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Dell.

Orange: represents excitement and enthusiasm. Shows warmth and signifies aggression. Useful for impulse shopping decisions and the sign of a confident brand. Orange can be found in the logos of: Amazon, Firefox, and Hooters.

Green: shows health and tranquility. Symbolic of money as well as nature. The human eye can discern more shades of green than any other color. Used to get customers to relax in stores and associated with wealth. Green can be found in the logos of: Whole Foods, Spotify, and Land Rover.



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