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Posted on February 07 2018

How to Purchase Kitchen Smallwares

Knowing what tools are needed to ensure a smooth-running operation is important when purchasing your kitchen smallwares. These items may seem frivolous compared to other big purchases, but keep in mind the other equipment is useless if you don’t have the correct supplies to be truly operational.

 Let us help you to better plan with a few tips on procuring and organizing your kitchen essentials.


In the initial phases of planning your kitchen, you can easily forget about the small stuff when you’re focused on the big equipment. Don’t forget to consider smallwares to your budget, as they are also essential to the successful operation of your restaurant.


Keep in mind the capacity of your restaurant when purchasing your cookware. Bistros can get away with much smaller sized pots and pans, whereas larger dining spaces like buffets will need equipment that will support a higher volume of guests. Work with your sales representative to determine the necessary pot and pan sizes for your space.


Make sure you have adequate space to house your smallwares efficiently. Purchasing items that are multi-use will also save on storage space.  Magnetic strips are not just for knives anymore – utilize kitchen walls to store stainless steel utensils, spice containers, kitchen shears and more.


Equipping and organizing common foodservice kitchen stations is important for timely preparation in this fast-paced industry. Your menu will also help dictate the smallware items you’ll need to purchase, depending on whether you’re frying, sautéing, or slicing ingredients. Your staff will have a lot of insight as to which tools will be best suited for each menu item.

 Tips on Purchasing Kitchen Essentials: Keep the following smallware essentials within reach at each of these common food stations.

 Sauté Station: turners, sauté pans, cutting boards, knives

 Grill Station: sturdy kitchen utensils such as tongs, steak weights, turners, grill brushes and sauce mops

 Fry Station: fryer baskets, tongs, mixing bowls, thermometers and mitts

 Dishwashing Station: sponges and brushes, warewashing racks, hot water thermometers, scrapers and aprons

 Color Coding

To ensure a safe and clean kitchen, color coding programs are a great implementation when it comes to your smallwares. Tools used to manage raw meats can be red, dairy can be white, fruits and vegetables green, et cetera. This not only helps reduce the risk of cross contamination, but also helps to support allergen safe areas.


Accidents happen and every restaurant should be prepared in the case of broken or lost items.  Smallwares are always in use whether it’s your prep team, customers or dishwashers. Make sure you have extras so your staff can work efficiently without having to wait for a piece to be cleaned.

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